Important Updates
Claim Submission Requirements Effective August 1, 2023, Neighborhood has transitioned to electronic claim submissions for all lines of business, except those requiring attachments. Click here for the full notification.

Provider Training Requirement Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island network providers are required to complete an annual training. The provider training offers an overview of Neighborhood, including its plans, policies and procedures for providers. Click here to complete your provider training.

Neighborhood believes that its contracted providers and their staff are the key to the delivery of quality care to our members. We truly value the partnership we have established with your organization and the relationship you have with your patients and our members.

The Information You Need - When You Need It - Straight to Your Inbox
When Neighborhood has information to share with our providers, we realize it’s important to communicate it as efficiently as possible; that’s why we’re asking you to register for emails from Neighborhood. Simply click here to register and Neighborhood News will be delivered straight to your inbox!  Registering your email for Neighborhood News will ensure you receive critical news and information on matters such as new initiatives, policy changes, and much more. If you do not register your email, you should consult the provider News and Updates section of this website for notable communication.  
September 21, 2023 @ 2:40 pm