New Process to Request a PCP Change for a Member

July 2021

Neighborhood Member Services is excited to announce a new process and accompanying PCP Change Form that removes the “head of household signature” requirement from the newly revised form. 

All Neighborhood members are assigned a primary care provider (PCP) displayed on the member’s Neighborhood identification card.   A member may change the PCP assigned to them at any time by calling Neighborhood Member Services at the number listed on their ID card.

The provider’s office can also request a PCP change on behalf of the Neighborhood member by completing a PCP Change Form.  The new PCP Change Form requires a signature from a representative at the provider office to attest the change is being submitted at the request of the member/authorized representative.   The completed form is faxed to Neighborhood Member Services and can be found on the “Forms” section of the website at:

Providers will not receive confirmation from Neighborhood that the PCP Change Form was received or processed.  All changes can be verified on NaviNet after five (5) business days.