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Coding Best Practices

Errors and mistakes in coding can cause many issues including the inability to properly track and classify members in your patient panel. Correctly coding to the highest level of specificity is important in helping you document and tracking your patients’ conditions. See the following measure best practices to assist you in coding to the highest level of specificity.

Neighborhood Clinical Practice Guidelines

Listed is a complete set of Neighborhood’s Clinical Practice Guidelines, based upon the most current available medical information and developed with the assistance of physicians affiliated with Neighborhood. The Guidelines are not intended to replace a clinician’s judgment or to determine benefits administration; rather, they are designed to assist you in the diagnosis and treatment of some of the more common problems of your patients.

Since guidelines are dynamic tools it is important to note that, over time, Neighborhood may periodically revise them. Neighborhood will inform you of the Clinical Practice Guidelines that have been updated in each quarterly edition of Neighborhood News. Hard copies of the Clinical Practice Guidelines below are available upon request. Please call 1-401-459-6005 to request a copy.