Our Quality Improvement Efforts

Every year, Neighborhood develops a Quality Improvement Program Description that details the scope, goals, and objectives of Neighborhood’s Quality Improvement Program. The Quality Improvement Program Description shows how we perform improvement activities; explains the methodology used in the program; outlines the structure and functions of the committees and subcommittees that support the program; and describes the oversight and guidance provided to the program by Neighborhood’s Senior Management Team and the Neighborhood Board of Directors. Each annual Quality Improvement Program Description is approved by the Neighborhood Board of Directors.

To assess the effectiveness of the Quality Improvement Program, Neighborhood produces an annual evaluation which presents the Plan’s measurable performance achievements over the course of the year, with trended data when available. The Quality Improvement Annual Evaluation includes identification of the barriers to quality improvement, the actions taken to overcome these barriers, progress toward QI goals, and a summary of the overall effectiveness of the program.