Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island, we recognize, appreciate and celebrate the diversity in our workforce, providers and communities we serve. We will continually strive to be Rhode Island’s most inclusive and innovative healthcare provider and while reducing barriers to comprehensive healthcare coverage and high quality healthcare.

Diversity is defined in the backgrounds, life experiences and characteristics that make us unique.

Equity is the practice of ensuring fair access to all while taking into consideration barriers seen and unseen and adjusting accordingly.

Inclusion is about the actions taken to ensure that all voices, experiences and backgrounds are heard, understood and celebrated.


At Neighborhood we understand that a diverse work environment promotes a wider perspective on member needs, product improvements, and company well-being. We are a diverse organization that treats our members with dignity and respect when collaborating with them and we strive to create access to needed services and social supports while delivering the best and most efficient health care.

We strive to enhance our Member equity to ensure everyone in Rhode Island has comprehensive health care coverage and access to high quality health care and ensuring our members are actively engaged in their health and health care.


Neighborhood creates a diverse and inclusive work environment for our employees where they can share unique perspectives, respect each other, and reach their full potential without barriers. We empower fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all employees, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups. Neighborhood is an employer of choice and works to attract and advance a culturally competent and diverse workforce to better serve our members.

Neighborhood has implemented Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which are networks of employees that form based on shared characteristics or backgrounds. The ERGs are a valuable resource to Neighborhood, providing information about their unique perspectives, doing community outreach and serving as a visible sign of Neighborhood’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. ERGs create a space for conversations about diversity and inclusion and what it means for our organization.


Neighborhood creates inclusive partnerships that bring together a diverse provider network to engage in authentic and collaborative experiences. We strive to strengthen our partnerships through collaborative efforts, innovation, demonstrating value for our members, promoting health equity to accomplish a diverse, equitable and inclusive relationship to serve our members. 

Neighborhood Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department works to attract and advance a culturally competent and diverse workforce to better serve our members.

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Neighborhood is excited to introduce its commitment to creating equity within the organization and in the communities we serve. Read our 4Report that is available in English or Spanish for more details on our commitment to creating equity.

While our 4Report outlines our Equity4People|People4Equity vision and strategies, this companion document, 4Report Scorecard available in English or Spanish, establishes incremental metrics to track progress on individual projects. It’s our hope that this scorecard will capture results of our endeavors for each of the Neighborhood4Equity Principles and associated commitments. Neighborhood is proud to share with you our 2022 achievements and what we are aiming to measure over the next three years.