Searchable Formulary for Both Pharmacy Benefit and Medical Pharmacy Medications

February 2021

The Neighborhood Pharmacy Department has an online searchable formulary for medications that fall under the “Pharmacy Benefit” and “Medical Pharmacy Benefit.”

Please visit the Pharmacy Provider Resources Webpage by going through the following links: > Providers > Provider Resources > Pharmacy


 directly at

The searchable formularies can be found under the heading “Searchable Formularies.”

Pharmacy Benefit Searchable Formulary Information:

  • Please click on the Line of Business and the respective searchable formulary will populate.
  • Medicaid Searchable Formulary Example:
    • searchable formulary direction image

Medical Benefit Searchable Formulary Information:

  • All Lines of Business will be within the same Searchable Formulary
  • Medical Benefit Medications will not be listed on the Pharmacy Benefit Searchable Formularies
  • Medical Benefit Searchable Formulary Example:
    • searchable formulary direction part 2