Annual Provider Training Requirement

October 2021

Neighborhood requires that all participating providers are educated and trained on Neighborhood policies and procedures, as well as, understand Neighborhood’s expectations for member care.

  • Every year, participating providers with Neighborhood must complete the annual training requirement. If you have not already done so, an authorized representative from each provider group/organization must click here to view the training and confirm your completion.   

After viewing and understanding the contents of the training, the authorized representative will be required to attest to their completion, as well as, attest that he/she will train his/her employees using Neighborhood’s training.  The attestation is completed via a brief electronic form (eForm) that is on the same webpage as the training. The following information will be submitted safely and securely through the eForm:

  1. Name of the Neighborhood contracted group/entity
  2. NPI of the Neighborhood contracted group/entity
  3. Name and title of authorized representative of the group/entity
  4. Email of the authorized representative of the group/entity
  5. Phone number and website, if applicable

Thank you for your continued partnership as a contracted provider with Neighborhood.  If you have any questions about this notice or the annual training requirement, please call Neighborhood Provider Services at 1-800-963-1001 or email

The revised training is a PowerPoint document that can be easily shared among the provider group/practice.  Access the mandatory training via the following path: