Personal Choice Program

Winter 2017


Neighborhood is committed to helping our members who need Long Term Care services live independently in their own homes, whenever possible. This is done by offering home and community based services such as the Personal Choice program.  For people with disabilities over the age of eighteen (18) and seniors age sixty-five (65) or older, the Personal Choice program offers the maximum independence for individuals that need assistance with daily activities and want to return home or remain in their home.

Personal Choice enables members to purchase their care and services from a Personal Choice budget based on the member’s functional needs. Individuals participating in this voluntary program are in charge of hiring and supervising their selected caregivers. Services available include, but are not limited to, personal care assistance, home modifications, home delivered meals and minor assistive devices.

At Neighborhood, our case managers will help initiate these services based on applicable eligibility requirements. There are currently three agencies that provide the Personal Choice program:

  • Access Point RI
  • Seven Hills Rhode Island
  • Tri-County Community Action Agency

For more information about the Personal Choice program, contact Neighborhood Member Services at 1-855-996-4774.