Helping UNITY / Rhody Health Options (RHO) Members Stay in the Community

Pediatrician helping Senior ladyWinter 2015/2016

Do you have a patient who is enrolled in Neighborhood’s UNITY / Rhody Health Options (RHO) plan and needs help to stay at home in the community? If so, consider contacting one of our care managers to see what services may be available. If needed, UNITY members may be able to receive supportive services (such as physical therapy evaluations) and items (e.g. eating utensils or transfer bath bench) to improve accessibility, safety and health at home.

For patients who are eligible for the State’s Long Term Services and Supports, Neighborhood provides an array of programs to allow members to stay in their own homes, including meals on wheels, personal emergency response devices or skilled nursing services.

If you have a patient who already has support services in the home, but whose family members have expressed that a home health aide may not be the best fit for their loved one, Neighborhood has a program that may help you address the issue. A member may qualify for the Personal Choice program which allows them to hire their own aides. Allowing your patient to make the decision as to who will be coming into their home to assist with personal care assistance, such as bathing, can make all the difference. The Personal Choice program provides them with that valuable autonomy.

Neighborhood staff is here to help members submit the required forms to the State and arrange for the necessary services. For more information or to see if your patients qualify, please call Neighborhood Member Services at 1-401-459-6601.