Helping Your Patients to Better Understand the Flu Shot

Summer 2018

As you know the 2018 Flu season is upon us. The flu vaccine is one of the best ways to protect your patients and keep them healthy. Unfortunately, myths and concerns about the flu shot can scare people away from getting the vaccine.

As their medical provider your patients put a lot of faith in your recommendations and guidance. You can help dispel myths and reassure your patients with a little bit of education.

Common Myths and Concerns:

  • You can get the flu from the flu vaccine.
  • Healthy people don’t need the flu shot.
  • The Flu shot is more dangerous than the flu.
  • The flu shot doesn’t work.
  • The flu is just a bad cold.
  • You don’t need a flu shot every year.

Health care professionals are the best and most trusted source of vaccine information and advice. Discussing vaccine safety issues and concerns with your patients and parents can make all the difference.