Employee Spotlight: Meet Edward K.

Edward K.

Integrated Care Manager

How long have you worked at Neighborhood? What is your position, and what do you enjoy most about your position?
I am an Integrated Care Manager and have been with Neighborhood since October 2021. The best part of my position is having the opportunity to be in the community, and supporting and educating our members by helping them navigate the healthcare system.

What did you do before joining Neighborhood?
My healthcare background is diversified. I started as an EMT/Fire Fighter and then worked in various areas of healthcare including the Emergency Department, Medical/Surgical Floor, Level 1 Trauma Operating Room, and home and community-based nursing.

Did any position or experience prepare you for your current position, and why?
I attribute my ability to assess a situation to my prehospital experience while working as an EMT for my hometown in Kingston, Rhode Island. Working with a complex and diversified population of patients with a wide range of medical and mental health conditions gave me experience in scene safety and assessment. It taught me how to operate under pressure and keep a calm and collected mindset while working in traumatic conditions.

Are there any projects or committees you participated in at Neighborhood that stand out to you?
When I first started, I assisted with an MMP newsletter. I hope to work with the wellness committee to offer and/or explain 5NP Auricular Acupuncture – I completed my certification for it in January 2024.

What activities/classes did you enjoy in school?
I loved art classes and enjoyed science related fields. I enjoyed quantitative statistics during my minor in psychology. After graduating from high school, I got my associate degree in arts and sciences and then my bachelor’s degree in nursing from University of Rhode Island.

Is there a person or experience that inspired you to pursue a certain path?
My mom is the reason I got into healthcare. It was after she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. I wanted to advocate and understand the medical aspects of her care. After dropping patients off in the emergency room via rescue, I was also interested in continuity of care which led me to working in the emergency department and fulfilling my goal of becoming a registered nurse.

How do you enjoy spending time outside of work?
My morning is always spent hiking with my Bernedoodle – Husky, Kodi. He gets me motivated to hit the ground running every single day, rain, or shine. I spend part of my time working with wood, doing art projects, and spending time in the water surfing or on the mountains snowboarding.

Can you share a “Fun Fact” that others might find surprising/interesting about you?
Fun fact is that I still enjoy art and working with my hands. I also am an avid participant in yoga and holistic sciences.

Is there any advice or mantra that you would share with someone interested in this work, or mission?
I think that Neighborhood employees are the backbone of the organization. From day one, I had many people offering to help me and have always felt so supported working here. So, for me, the mantra is – and will always be – the golden rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Getting ready to surf in Narragansett Bay
Spending time on the water