Rhody Health Partners

For Eligible Medicaid-Only Adults

The Rhody Health Partners (RHP) Case Management Program can help adults with disabilities improve their health and wellness. 

Participants include any member 21 years or older that meets admission criteria.

Resources for RHP members may include some or all of the following:

  • Assisting in coordinating transportation, appointments with doctors and specialists, medical equipment or other in-home services including those provided by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) waiver. Assisting to arrange medical services and making sure members are clear about treatment plans.
  • Provide education about conditions, medications, treatment and resources in the community. Provide education on available benefits and services, medication adherence, self-management and goal setting.
  • Coordination and facilitation of medical services and assistance in adherence to the member's plan of care with their provider.
  • Provide assistance in coordination of EOHHS waiver services.
  • Provide assistance with access to specialists and durable medical equipment (DME) providers. Enhancing communication between multiple providers that may be involved in the individual's care.

For more information about the Care Management program, please call Neighborhood Member Services at 1-800-459-6019.