Local nonprofit switches to Neighborhood to save on health insurance costs

-- Savings allows local nonprofit to put more dollars toward community needs --

Numbers don’t lie.

And for Channavy Chhay, executive director of the Center for Southeast Asians in Providence a “bleeding budget” means it’s time to find savings without cutting community programs that serve people in need.

OChannavy Chhay, Executive Director, Center for Southeast Asiansne way to stop the bleeding was to shop for a new health insurance plan for CSEA’s employees. After doing some research and being referred to a broker, Chhay selected Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island because of its benefits and affordable price.

“It was a no-brainer,” Chhay said. “Neighborhood offers a tremendous cost-savings for our organization and our employees. It’s a high-quality plan and cost-efficient.”

The money CSEA saves on health insurance goes right back into the organization’s budget for programming that serves about 5,000 Southeast Asians and other ethnic minority groups in Rhode Island.

“We support the community in so many ways,” said Kannyka Pouk, CSEA’s director of programs. “We provide language assistance, including translation and interpretation, case management and crisis intervention, among other essential services.”

CSEA was founded in 1987 to serve Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian and Vietnamese families who arrived in Rhode Island as refugees. Today the nonprofit serves any Rhode Islander who might benefit from the range of community, social and educational services they offer.

“I have a vision of grandeur for this organization that includes a new site,” Chhay said. “It will be the vibrant center of the community, so when people drive by they know that’s the Center for Southeast Asians.”

Neighborhood offers low-priced plans for small businesses with a Rhode Island tax-ID and 2-50 full time employees. To learn more about Neighborhood’s comprehensive benefits, request a quote via email at groupquotes@nhpri.org , or call 1-855-931-8244, option 6.