Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island and the State’s Community Health Centers Launch RI’s Largest Medicaid Accountable Care Entities

More than 50,000 patients to be part of initiative to better align provider payments with high quality care at a cost taxpayers can afford

PROVIDENCE, RI (May 9, 2016) - In an innovative move to improve the state's health care system, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island has partnered with some of the state's largest Community Health Centers to launch three Accountable Entities (AEs).

The AEs will be based out of the Providence Community Health Centers, Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, and the East Bay Community Health Center in partnership with Thundermist Health Center. The goal of these AEs is to improve the delivery of health care services to more than 50,000 Rhode Islanders enrolled in Neighborhood’s Medicaid managed care plans. These AEs are expected to result in better health outcomes for Neighborhood's members as well as significant savings to the state's taxpayers.

These efforts began with Governor Gina Raimondo's "Reinventing Medicaid Act of 2015", through which incentives are paid to providers who deliver more efficient health care via enhanced care management.

“From the start, the focus of our Medicaid reforms has been on improving quality of care and expanding access. These accountable entities will reward better coordination and foster healthier communities,” said Governor Raimondo. “Our Community Health Centers play a vital role in expanding access to primary care and I am pleased that they are a part of our effort to reform and strengthen our Medicaid program.”

"Since we were founded nearly a quarter of a century ago, Neighborhood has been an eager and nimble driver of health care system reform," said Neighborhood's President and CEO Peter Marino. "Creating these accountable entities builds on that effort and we are proud to partner with the state to improve our citizens' health outcomes while helping control the costs to taxpayers. We also are very pleased to work with CHCs once again to shift the focus on the quality of care our members receive rather than the quantity of services provided."

“Healthy communities are the foundation for healthy and vibrant economies,” said Rhode Island Medicaid Director Anya Rader Wallack. “Our accountable entity program will ensure better coordination and collaboration between providers and help us achieve better outcomes for the Rhode Islanders in our care.”

"The state's community health centers have a long and proud history of collaboration with Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island," said Merrill Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of the Providence Community Health Centers. "In creating an accountable entity, PCHC can further our shared work of finding the most efficient and effective ways to care for our state's most vulnerable populations."

"This is a great opportunity to continue to improve the quality of life for our patients," said Raymond Lavoie, the Executive Director of Blackstone Valley Community Health Care. "Accountable Entities will encourage coordination among providers on all aspects of a patient's care plan. This initiative is an important part of BVCHC’s overall strategy to improve healthcare access to underserved populations."

"This is an important step as our state moves progress toward payment arrangements that align incentives for providers with key goals for the state," said Dennis Roy, President and Chief Executive Officer of East Bay Community Action Program. "East Bay is thrilled to partner with Thundermist Health Center. Together, we will manage health care costs, while improving quality. Accountable Entities are going to be an increasingly important piece of Rhode Island’s healthcare innovation blueprint, and we are excited to be among the first to join in that partnership, especially since it means our patients will be healthier because of it."

About Neighborhood

Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island is a non-profit HMO that was founded in 1993 in partnership with Rhode Island’s Community Health Centers. Neighborhood currently serves over 185,000 members, including six different Medicaid populations and individuals and businesses through HealthSource RI – the state’s health insurance exchange. Neighborhood has been rated by National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as one of the Top Medicaid Health Plans in America every year since ratings began.