Neighborhood Reaffirms Its Commitment To Serve Customers Through Healthsource Rhode Island, As UnitedHealthcare Exits 

Neighborhood welcomes former United members who are looking for top-quality health care at an affordable price

April 20, 2016 (Providence) – Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island announced today it is ready and willing to welcome new members who will have to choose a different health plan once UnitedHealthcare exits the state’s health insurance exchange next year.

Neighborhood is the number one choice of Rhode Islanders who shop for their health insurance on the state’s health insurance exchange. Neighborhood’s members frequently cite the affordability and simplicity of Neighborhood’s plans coupled with its large provider network as reasons they select and stay with the company.

“Neighborhood is a Rhode Island-based company that is deeply connected to the people who live and work in this state,” said Brenda Whittle, Neighborhood’s Vice President of External Affairs. “Neighborhood’s primary focus is making sure our health plans are accessible and affordable. That’s how we put the needs of our members first. This has been true for decades when it comes to our partnership with the state, and continues to be so now that we offer coverage on the state’s insurance exchange both to individuals and to small businesses.”

“As a community-based, non-profit insurer, we strive to offer coverage to any and all Rhode Islanders who need it, at a price they can afford,” Whittle added.

Over the years, Neighborhood has received national and local awards praising it for delivering top-quality care that focuses on the individual, not just on the bottom line.

“Neighborhood’s primary goals are the same today as they were when we were founded almost a quarter of a century ago,” said Whittle. “We’re not here to make our shareholders richer, but to make our community stronger.”

About Neighborhood

Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island is a non-profit HMO that was founded in 1994 to make sure everyone in the state has access to high-quality, affordable health care. Currently serving 185,000 members, Neighborhood has been rated by NCQA as one of the top Medicaid health plans in America every year since ratings began twelve years ago – one of only two organizations in the nation to earn this distinction. For more information visit