VALUE 2019

VALUE: Affordably priced Silver plan offered through HealthSource RI that offers a traditional copay plan design. Preventive services are covered at 100% and include access to our full network of doctors and hospitals.

Deductible: $3,600 (Individual) / $7,200 (Family)

Out of Pocket Max: $7,900 (Individual) / $15,800 (Family)

Primary Care/Behavioral Health Office Visits: $25

Specialist/Urgent Care Visits: $60

Inpatient/Imaging/Lab Services: 25% co-insurance*

Pharmacy (Tiers 1-6): $10/$15/$40/$55/30%*/30%*


*after deductible


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Read the latest issue of our quarterly member newsletter, Healthy You.

Neighborhood’s VALUE plan has different variations depending on your income. To determine your VALUE plan variation, look for the plan code on the front of your member ID card.

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